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Professional Code Generator saves a third of the total cost of application development
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Professional Code Generator (ProCG) - Work Flow

ProCG generates a third of your application's source code.

The Professional Code Generator (ProCG) web application is a pay-per-usage system based on prepaid credit. Upon registration, you receive a user name and password to access the Professional Code Generator (ProCG) system. To start with you receive a $200 dollars usage credit which you can you use to completely test-run our web site and get familiar with our technology with absolutely no risk to you.

Payment structure: Professional Code Generator (ProCG) system charges per code generation/table. Before each code generation you receive a complete cost report to confirm your code generation order. If you pay for a record / structure, all the further code generation actions on that record/structure are free for one month.

Professional Code Generator was designed and implemented as a dynamic web application; thus, when you login to the system and choose a project to work on, Professional Code Generator (ProCG) would be loading all project data in memory, using only one round trip to the database server.

You can work on ProCG locally keep making the changes to the data in memory. Whenever you decide to save your work to the database, you can click the 'Apply All' button on the toolbar to pass all the changes to the database server - again, in one round trip.

Before generating code, you must apply all changes you have made.

When you need to generate code for one or more records, Professional Code Generator (ProCG) creates a new job for the task, which is transferred to the database server. The code generator runs constantly in the background and works on the jobs as and when they need it.

You can check the job status by clicking on the 'Job Status' button in the project tree. Do not forget to click the 'Refresh' button in order to see the current status of the job.

When the job is finished, Professional Code Generator (ProCG) saves all the generated files in one zip file. Clicking on 'Download -> Generated Files' in the project tree would show a list of all the zip files generated till now. You can see the list of generated files by clicking on the plus sign left of the zip file. The zip file can be downloaded to your computer by clicking on the zip file name.

Very Important Notes:

  • You must download the base classes before you compile the files generated by Professional Code Generator (ProCG).
  • EXTRACT the zip file and the base classes using the Extract Tool Only (Download->Extract Tool). The tool keeps the path of the files in correct way and keeps overriding the old files. If you use any other tool, it may overwrite the files you modified already.
    Or, it may save the files in the wrong path, which causes errors in the compilation process.
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