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Professional Code Generator (ProCG) - Pricing Structure

The Professional Code Generator web application is a pay per use system based on prepaid credit. If you have decided to use ProCG, you would have to register to access the Professional Code Generator system.

After you register, you would be getting a user name and a password, which would be used to access the Professional Code Generator system. You would have an $200 initial credit to 'play' with, which would help you to test the system. With the initial credit of $200 you can generate code for 20 tables of your project FREE!!.

According to the estimations it takes between 9 hours to 18.1 hours of programmer work time to write the data access layer for a table.
With the Professional Code Generator you get it for $10.
If you pay for a record / structure, all the further code generation actions on that record/structure are free for one month.

How much can you save? Calculate for yourself.

Technology Normal price Introduction price
C++ - ADO Using Smart Pointers $20 $10
Java - JDBC $20 $10
Java - BMP
(Bean Managed Persistence)
$20 $10
Java - CMP
(Container Managed Persistence)

Note: It generates code for all related tables.
You will be charged $20 for each table.


Note: It generates code for all related tables.
You will be charged $10 for each table.

C# - ADO.NET $20 $10
VB - ADO.NET $20 $10
Structure for any technology $5 $2
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